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Tube Arsenal is a unique provider of customizable templates for youtubers, gamers, hobbyists, filmmakers and video editors.


Unique, Awesome Templates for every need

With Tube Arsenal you can always expect top quality templates without the hassle. Don't go searching deep in the web only to find poorly made templates.


The TUBE ARSENAL Difference

Tube Arsenal Competition

Free Downloads

One Click Download

Unlimited Downloads

Curated Collection

No Plugins Required

Free Training

Online Customization

Don't want to pay for software? We have a solution!

Tube Arsenal has invented a no-software solution for creating your intros. Just find the template you like, change the words, colors and pictures and click buy. Yes it costs a couple bucks cause we have to eat too, but it's nothing compared to the cost of owning and maintaining software.

Click the blue button found on every download page.

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Get started TODAY! Customize your new intro NOW!